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Marketing is the most important component of any successful small business. Once you understand this concept your lead generation efforts will see far less problems. To conceptualize this concept, it’s best to articulate the marketing flow in this way. 

“1). Marketing. 2). Leads. 3). Sales. 4). Services.” 

In order to get leads (or make the phone ring) you have no choice but to have to commit to mastering the marketing essentials in this guide. Even if you are planning on hiring a master marketer for your business development, you will still need to be able to recognize what good marketing looks like to ensure the work is getting done the way you expect to see it done for your business. Not all marketers are good. The idea here is to protect yourself with knowledge. It’s critical that you have a gross understanding of your target market. This is how you prevent wasted time and money on your marketing endeavors. You want to avoid the urge of being a passive business owner, although,I realize it’s very tempting to do so. The images and success stories you see on the internet definitely do not always help with our vision of creating a successful business. Oftentimes, reality is 180 degrees different than what the lucrative success stories tend to tell or show us. Expect to work hard in two areas. The business. Then servicing your clients. You will have to expect to master the entrepreneurial aspect of this world and also your specific services of your target market. Expect to be as proactive as possible at all times. Target market conditions are not always perfect. Getting around to things “later” is a cancerous mindset that will slowly erode your aspirations. A complete understanding of this guide can turn your “later” into a “now”. 

Once you have identified and created your product for your target market, your growth will fall back on what you do for marketing said product. 

The best marketing strategy is this: 

“Elite marketing followed by customer retention”. 

By the end of this guide, you will have a massive head start on where you need to go and what you ought to do to explosively begin your journey. This guide is not for intermediate or expert marketers. This guide is for brand new business owners ready to launch. The goal of your marketing endeavors is to simply bridge the value you provide to the right target market. That’s it. It’s a very simple, yet complex topic, that can take on hundreds of different levels of strategies. This is why this guide is intentionally short and to the point. 

Below I have disclosed the top marketing strategies that you may want to consider investing in when looking to take your business to the next level. The idea here is to not simply exist. The idea here is to dominate. What is listed below is in an order of importance. An order that I would use if I were to start another business all over again. They may not be in the order you expect, but that’s because most small businesses try to build their businesses in the way they “feel” it ought to go or be, and oftentimes that can be the wrong way. It is very easy to allow the passion or excitement of doing a small business cloud your vision to guides such as this one. There are two ways people learn. Through knowledge or experience. I recommend learning via knowledge instead of experience. Take it from me, it’s far less painful. It’s easy to become distracted by what you see and think other businesses appear to be doing. It’s easy to assume that it’s safe to model them, but remember, you can’t see all of their marketing plans or strategies. Never assume that the face value of what you see is automatically working or effective. You need to build your business with the proper foundation, that way when or if the economy gets hit (as we’ve seen with COVID-19) you may still have a chance at making it to the other side without crashing and burning. 

What’s listed in this guide are not mere theories or ideas. These are marketing strategies that I’ve tested and also I’ve proven to myself as I’ve grown my own company over a gross sales margin of over 1 million in 7 years. I am not a top entrepreneur or small business owner by any means, but I do consider myself a formidable one that has accomplished some degree of success. Success that I can now pass on to other new small business owners looking to achieve similar if not better results than myself. 

While every business is different, the principles of marketing still remain consistent, regardless of the industry, niche, service or business that you are in. The strategies listed below require very little capital investment by you. If you prefer to hire a vendor to do these tasks for you, then you certainly can do that as well. Never allow what the events of your past dictate the outcome of your unpredictable future. You get to be the creator. Reject fear and limit beliefs. Learn to embrace a sense of courage as you embark on your experimental journey. Learn from these strategies. Fail from them. Succeed with them. This truly is an experiment. You’re the mad scientist. Time to get to learning and implementing your marketing.

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