About Remy

Remy loves Jesus. He is a Father and a Son. Remy is a Veteran, blogger, an author and a startup consultant. Enthusiasms are BJJ, CrossFit, Hunting, and Gaming.

As an author, he has taken his life story and turned it into a one man theater show. He takes readers on a deep experience with his origin story, from his self published book Masterpiece of the Remi

Out of that experience, Remy created a movement called The Remi Tribe, which has been created to help others forge their creator within. The tribe shares very specific strategic resources that are invaluable to have to begin creating as a startup.

As a startup consultant, Remy helps new entrepreneurs create systems so that they can grow and scale their businesses to experience more fulfillment.

In spite of many ruthless challenges, Remy has risen from the blows of foreclosure, homelessness, bankruptcy and the recent passing of his mother from cancer to becoming a CEO of his own 7 figure brand by age 35.

Remy has grown his company exploring various niches with discipline, determination, a big heart and a strong will to serve others. Here is one of his several free ebooks, Entrepreneur Resiliency

Remy is an active believer in that by embracing the power of ones core worth and ones identity more can create their limitless potential all while living a life of fulfillment. Remy has devoted his life to creating and helping creators make a difference.

Masterpiece of the Remi

The Masterpiece of the Remi is a story of how Jesus helped a struggling ordinary man named Remy overcome multiple overlays of trials and tribulations in his own life while simultaneously blessing this man with a unique identity makeover. This book is more than just a story, it’s Remy’s experience of his identity shift in Christ. A great book for those who love watching the power of Jesus in action.