About Remy

Remy loves Jesus.

He is a father, husband & son.

Robert grew up playing baseball, making it to the collegiate level.

He is a United States military intelligence Veteran. He served under 4 different agencies obtaining MVP of his military intelligence class, deployed to OEF, was NCOIC for two different agencies, possesses 3 honorable DD-214’s and two degrees.

He is an Author, a student of fitness, a student of martial arts, a blogger and a hunting enthusiast.

As an author, he has taken his most impacting life story and turned it into a one man theater show. He takes readers on a deep experience with his origin story, from his self published book Masterpiece of the Remi where he recycles the pain in his life into power.

Out of that experience, Remy created a movement called The Remi Core; which is his purpose, goals and aspirations community. This community is designed to inspire others to overcome challenging times by challenging themselves.

“Robert Remy jumps headfirst into researching his ancestry due to an inexplicable overpowering call from within. God shows him something great as Remy takes a mind-blowing adventurous turn from a chain of depressing events straight into the legends, history and mythology of the Remi.”

Masterpiece of the Remi