Top 10 Lies About Trumps Response To The Coronavirus

Hoax after hoax after hoax. Lie after lie after lie.

Is there no end?

What happened to humanity? Even deeper: What happened to empathy?

Condemnation, ridicule, gaslighting, projection, insults, mockery, accusations, devaluation seem to rule our land in a cancer-like way.

It’s as if our own country has become our own worst enemy from the inside out.

This unleashed pathology is sickening.

It just does not end. There is always more and more and more and on and on and on the hate games flow.

Attempt after attempt. Twist after twist. It’s utterly pathetic.

Sure, the lies and hoaxing really do suck. But what’s worse? What’s the root issue?

The seemingly lack of personal awareness of the THIRST and eagerness for perpetuating hate-filled falsehoods to stoke fear to anyone who will listen.

This thirst has literally become mind numbingly lame.

Almost every day we see someone, somewhere, seemingly brewing up or twisting up something (anything) to take a cheap shot at the president. It literally does not matter what the situation or event is anymore. Any situation or event is leveraged into some sort of political assault. Even a pandemic will be used as an opportunity to take a cheap shot.

Some will not even hesitate to use the Coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to advance retaliatory vengeance laden agendas that resemble that of juvenile delinquents.

We are long past due for evolution of consciousness and a revival of empathy in our country to confront this madness.

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