How to Make 1 Million Dollars Organically with no Active Facebook or Active Google Ad Spend

My journey has been wildly pressurized. So before you think this is an easy journey, just know it’s not. Most cannot handle the pressure of this life. I’ve seen so many people fall off this space from either inability to manage multiple streams of stress and/or the inability to challenge said stresses via self help.

I started my entrepreneurial journey after getting laid off in the military about 6 different occasions in 3 years. In short, it was lame.

I loved serving in the military, but from a financial stability standpoint, wearing the uniform obviously was not going to work out for my pressing needs at the time. The layoffs crushed my hopes of the idea of a full 20 year military career. I felt like I couldn’t stand firm on anything I attempted to secure. I chased job opportunities I chased orders. I got along with everyone I could. I even took a lot of crap that would make the average guy want to lay someone out on the spot or just outright puke. Nothing seemed to secure my feet. My foundation was constantly in flux.

Instead of allowing my ego to reign supreme and rely on complaining, bitterness, self-victimization or anger; I decided I’d take my fate in my own hands. I chose to blitz this pressure by giving entrepreneurship a good old try, because the cliche preaching of “Get a job Bob” was simply just not working.

Fast forward to 7 years later. My gross business sales had slightly exceeded over 1 million. Even crazier, I pulled this off with a commission sales hobby. Furthermore, I do not pay for active Facebook or Google AdWords. Everything I have set up is highly specific and passive. Clients find me. I do not find them.

In entrepreneurial communities and small business groups, if you can pull off those kinds of numbers (organically, with no active ad spend), then you have some degree of respect in those entrepreneurial communities.

But, how did I get there?

I remember when my orders were up, I was passing through an airport utterly confused as hell and not sure what I was going to do next, I just knew I needed to do something. I got sick of throwing up so much, but while dealing with the fog of feeling like a total loser, I found the strength to press on. The grey hairs on my chin were multiplying. And fast. My kids were also multiplying like gremlins and I was newly married. I had to literally hyper focus on providing resources. Talk about a hot box of pressure.

The turning point for me: As I was passing through an airport with a bout 1000 pounds of concrete in my gut, heavy of uncertainty, I found a big bright orange book of a guy sitting on a hammock between two palm trees on an island. The book title was called 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris. I figured this may help me figure out how to not only create a better life, but also reduce my own life stress. That hammock idea looked too awesome. I was going to make that my new goal for the future. I got sick of the endless confusion (and endless stress vomits), so I rolled the dice on this book.

I took a sliver of my remaining $500 bucks (from my last military paycheck to my name) and bought the book to read on my last flight home. I implemented only a mere portion of this book. Then the game got real. The information in the book actually worked for me. I started to sell low and medium ticket commission research and consulting services to my local area. 7 years later my consultancy grew to over 20 (5) star reviews and a BBB A+ rating and was rated a top business by a 3rd party organization 2 years in a row.

I then soaked up all the books I could get my hands on. I can’t say enough good things about My favorite book was Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink. The books by good old Tony Robbins also blew my mind.

Then I took 5 entrepreneurship challenges that certainly made me sweat blood, but they were so worth it. Some were “borderline” out of my league, but I somehow managed to finish them.

Out of the 5 challenges I took, the best challenge I took was the One Funnel Away Challenge by Russell Brunson.

This did not make me rich in 30 days like some have become, mostly because I had no ad spend money or the money to 10x anyone decent. My knowledge base was weak at the time also; but the One Funnel Away Challenge did provide me with so many organic business upgrades that I have implemented in my own universe. Upgrades that can last forever.

The strategies I learned blew my mind and fortified my current research and development projects.

My recommendation for all entrepreneurs who are scrambling to figure out how to ascend on their own without any relatable help or research and development money is to literally “skip the line” (and some of the stress) and join the One Funnel Away Challenge as soon as possible.

HUSTLE is the only requirement! When the pressure builds, hustle harder!

My second recommendation is to check out Tim Ferris and his Tribe of Mentors podcast.

May you have great success and I hope this article has inspired you to invest in yourself!

Lastly, to help with the entrepreneurial mindset, please visit my other article The Similarities Between Entrepreneurship and Combat or my other article on How to Innovate for 2020 and Beyond!

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